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Finding the Good in Grief  (Kregel Publications 2013)

Life is punctuated by sorrow and spiritual struggle. How can we navigate tumultuous emotions that accompany personal tragedy? Sharing lessons he learned from his son's illness, Baggett shows how God can transform suffering and use it for our good. Discover how to trust God, choose reality instead of illusion, recognize moments of grace, and more.  When his son was diagnosed with a disabling mental illness, John F. Baggett experienced a journey of grief unlike any other--a grief for the loss of all his son would never be and that he, as a father, would never experience. Through that difficult period he learned that grief--by whatever definition and for whatever reason--can be a time of momentous spiritual struggle: it is no smooth sailing even for faithful Christians. How then can believers navigate the struggles of faith that so often accompany personal tragedy?

 Finding the Good in Grief is both a practical and inspirational guide that teaches readers to learn, change, and grow through their grief. In five stages, Baggett demonstrates how to -Trust God and rely on others -Choose reality instead of illusion -Resist the temptation to get stuck -Recognize moments of grace -Discover new meaning and purpose   Finding the Good in Grief will help Christians successfully negotiate faith struggles that often accompany the different stages of grief and will encourage them to find and develop spiritual resources to survive their darkest days of emotional turmoil. Most of all, it will guide to them understand that God does have the power to transform events of radical suffering and use them for good in our lives.

   Finding the Good in Grief: Rediscover Joy After a Life Changing Loss, is currently being studied in many local congregations around the country. To learn more about the book and to read some great reviews visit  www.amazon.com.    

Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus, (William B Eerdmans Publishers 2008)  It is a readable and down to earth study of the historical Jesus and of New Testament Christology.  Many types of educated readers will find it enjoyable, informative and challenging.  It is particularly well suited for pastors and for college and seminary students

You will also find a link to a Review of Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus by Charles W Sensel, and the text of the Beavin Lecture, titled What Would Jesus See? What Would Jesus Be? Rethinking the Imitation of Christ and WWJD, given by John on September 27, 2008 at the 150th anniversary celebration of Kentucky Wesleyan College.

Finally, there is a link to the text of a brochure John wrote for NAMI in 1987 titled: When Mental Illness Strikes in a Family of Faith.

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Moments of Grace and Growth Blog

Radio Interview on KRVR "The River" About Finding the Good in Grief